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The ICML 2011 registration uses Google Checkout. Your shopping cart should appear in the upper right corner. Please verify your cart's contents before checking out. Please use a "real name" Google account so that we will be able to identify the registrant upon completing the registration process.

If you reside in the People's Republic of China, Korea, or any other country from which you cannot make a payment through Google Checkout, please click here for alternative payment options.

Registration rates and refund policies

The early registration rates are offered until May 24th. This year, the registration does NOT include hotel accomodations. Please book your hotel separately.

RegistrationBefore May 24thAfter May 24thAfter Jun 23th
Regular conference $680 $780 $830
Student conference $525 $595 $730
Workshops ONLY $100 $130 $170
Tutorials ONLY $100 $130 $170
ICML/ACL/ISCA symposium ONLY $100 $130 $170

For registrations that are canceled before June 1, 2011 we will be refunding the registration fees minus $75. After June 1, 2011, the registration fees are not refundable.

For questions or problems, please contact local@icml-2011.org.

ICML Main Conference Registration

The ICML 2011 main conference registration includes registration for the main conference, the tutorials, the workshops, and the joint ICML/ACL/ISCA symposium.
Please click here to REGISTER for THE MAIN CONFERENCE.

PARTIAL Registrations: only Tutorials, Workshops, or the Joint Symposium

If you would like to register JUST for the ICML tutorials, the ICML workshops, the ICML/ACL/ISCA symposium, or some combination of the three, but NOT for the main conference, please CLICK HERE.